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Hosted Telephony in the Cloud

SCLCloud Centrex Phone Systems

A unique hosted telephony solution that puts you in control

When you install hosted telephony, your business will benefit from an intuitive, easy to use cloud phone system that makes communication efficient and helps to improve productivity in the workplace. Top features include:

  • Easy review of call data
  • Add users
  • Divert calls
  • See who is available

Once your telephone system operates in the cloud rather than physically in your office space, you save on costly maintenance and upgrades, while utlising a huge range of advanced features.

Functional and cost efficient

Quick and easy to install, with no capital outlay, the SCLCloud Centrex Phone System provides all the functionality of a traditional telephone system with advanced features that make communicating with your staff, customers and suppliers easy and efficient.

Instant messaging, presence and click to call features enable you to instantly see who is available and connect with them, while hunt groups and wallboards help you manage and monitor your inbound calls and group communications.

SCLCloud Centrex offers screen sharing, web and audio conferencing and can be utilised with desk phones, smartphones, tablets and PC’s to optimise productivity

Monitor team activity

The easy to use portal enables Company Administrators and Site Administrators to view team activity and make real time changes. Users can quickly and easily access standard features such as call forwarding, busy etc. The features and level of control given to site administrators and individuals can be managed from the portal.

  • Integrate smartphones, desktops, tablets
  • Instant messaging and presence
  • Screen sharing and conferencing
  • Inclusive calls
  • Choice of handsets

Improve efficiency and control your costs with a choice of licences, handsets and site wide features. Hosted phone systems can be used to replace conventional systems such as PBX and EPBAX.

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