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Hosted Telephony Advanced Features

SCLCloud Centrex provides a number of advanced features at site and user level to help you monitor and manage your communications and call centres.

Auto Attendant

A single layer auto attendant is provided free of charge across all sites as standard, however if additional auto attendants are required these can be added.  An auto attendant is an efficient voice menu system that transfers callers without taking up the time of a telephone operator.

Call Logging and Recording

Monitor and display real time and historical call statistics:centrex-insight-report

  • View calls in real time
  • Longest waiting call
  • Calls received
  • Calls answered
  • Calls abandoned
  • Schedule, tailored, automatic reports

Call Centre ACD

A Call Centre ACD service that allows incoming calls to be received by a single phone number and distributed among a group of users, or agents and supports:

  • Call queuing with comfort announcements
  • Comfort announcements
  • Overflow to alternate destinations
  • Redirection of calls outside business hours
  • Music on hold
  • Uniform call distribution

A statistics report is generated at the end of each day and sent by email.

Call Recording

Record inbound and outbound calls for training and compliance purposes. Choose how long your calls are stored for:

  • 7 years
  • 180 days
  • 30 days

At the end of the storage period call recordings can be downloaded and stored on your local servers for later reference.

Reception Consoles

Choose from a softphone reception console or use expansion modules with Busy Lamp fields (lights that tell you whether an extension is busy or available for a call to be transferred) on your handset.

The reception consoles enable users to become receptionists by providing them with a software application that allows them to monitor users and easily transfer calls.

The softphone reception console comes in two versions:

Reception Console – Small Business Edition

Actively monitor up to 30 users at a time.

Reception Console – Enterprise Edition

Actively monitor up to 200 users at a time.

CRM Connect

Integrate call control with your CRM system and increase productivity. Features include:

  • Automatic screen popping of customer files when inbound calls are received
  • Call control from PC
  • Click-to-dial from CRM file

For more information on any of the above, please contacts us by phone, email or use our enquiry form.