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SIP Trunks – Internet Phone Lines

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SIP Trunks – Internet Phone Lines

SIP Trunks –  Internet Phone Lines

SIP Trunks are being installed by many businesses and call centres to provide access to advanced telecommunication functions and to replace ISDN. It is thought that networks will turn off ISDN services in 2025, so it’s important to update for long term productivity.

What are SIP Trunks?

SIP Trunks are voice lines that don’t come from the public telecoms network. Instead, SIP Trunks route across the data network/internet. This is a form of VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol.
In this system, calls between SIP trunks are free, which is a substantial cost benefit, and digital business functions are supported, such as caller ID and direct-dialling.

What will I need to benefit from SIP Trunks?

You can contact us for tailored advice and view our overview of requirements you need to install SIP Trunks:

Quality, dedicated broadband

To host SIP trunks / voice only you need quality, dedicated broadband or leased line connectivity This allows SIP to work to it’s full potential. We would not recommend using your old broadband line. Squeezing voice calls down older, contended broadband circuits means SIP won’t work.

An arrangement with a SIP Trunk provider

You must have a SIP Trunk provider or a phone calls and line provider that can offer SIP trunks. You pay for installation and rental of every SIP trunk, and for the telephone numbers associated with it.

A phone system that is SIP trunk compatible

It may go without saying, but you’re phone system needs to be compatible with trunks, or you must be using a SIP trunk compatible phone / device. This is something Southern Communications can help and advise on.

Adequate computer network security arrangements

When utilising any communication system over the internet, you need to have a secure computer network to protect your business, employees and clients. This security works to support and allow SIP trunk communications to go ahead.

It’s important to understand that the internet doesn’t prioritise VoIP or SIP phone calls. This means there is no guarantee on the quality and reliability of your connection. However, having a good broadband provider helps.  The more the broadband service is contended the higher the chance of your service being affected.

At Southern Communications we are a Tier2 ISP and interconnect with all the major network providers.  We offer independent advice and  will make recommendations to help you choose the correct SIP solution for your business.

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