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Free Call Logging

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Last 12 Months’ Itemised Calls

Detailed Analysis & Filtering Tools

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01256 391 110

Call Performance Analysis

Prevent Misuse and Call Fraud

Online Access, Easy User Login

Overall Phone Bill Summary

Exceptional Call Monitoring, Email Alerts

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01256 391 110

Free Online Access to your Phone Bill

Simply log in to your account to view a summary of your telephone line rental and phone call usage for any given month. You can view up to the last 12 month's call billing information.All of our business call billing services are free to our calls and lines customers.

Best Phone System Deals
Best Phone System Deals

Phone Bill Invoice Summary

Once logged in, you are presented with an online phone bill summary, showing total costs for telephone calls, phone line rental and associated telecoms services.

Phone Bill Data Menu

Use the menus to view call details, check account information and produce reports on telephone call usage activity.

Best Phone System Deals
Best Phone System Deals

Top 10 Call Destinations

The Top 10 Analysis allows you to instantly view the 10 most popular business call destinations.

Detailed Analysis - Call Filtering

Every aspect of your monthly itemised phone bill can be filtered, either by using the easy drop-down filter menus, or by typing in details within one of the call filter boxes. The online application does the work automatically for you.

Best Phone System Deals
Best Phone System Deals

Exporting Phone Bill Data

Export your phone bill and business call information in a number of useful standard file formats for further manipulation and presentation.

Graphical Phone Call Analysis

Filter the desired information and then display phone bill and business call statistics graphically via a number of standard graph formats.

Best Phone System Deals
Best Phone System Deals

Choose The Phone Bill Month

Select the relevant billing month for your phone call traffic analysis.

Preventing Call Fraud & Abuse

Use the Abuse Rule list to prevent and restrict selected types of telephone calls from taking place.

You can also set abuse and restriction parameters for different kinds of business calls.

Best Phone System Deals
Best Phone System Deals

Free Online Billing

This is a free, transparent and easy-to-use online phone bill service with free call logging & statistical software, extension billing, DDI billing and exceptional call monitoring services all available at no extra cost.