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NEC SV8100 Maintenance

NEC SV8100 Maintenance

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Remote Diagnostics

Most NEC sv8100 telephone system alterations can be carried out from our offices, without the need of a site visit, using our remote diagnostics facilities. Our Post-sales team provide quotes for items such as extra telephones, headsets and other peripherals. Simply sign the section at the bottom of your post-sales quote and fax it back. We then schedule the work to be carried out.

Why Bother With Maintenance?

Phone system maintenance is the proven cost-effective option for a continued trouble-free NEC phone system in the long term. If you do “opt out”, we can support you on a time-and-materials basis.

Best advice, always

As part of our maintenance service, technical advice on NEC sv8100 phone systems and telecoms will always be free and available to you over the telephone, from our in-house Technical Support Team or from your Account Manager. We can assist with all aspects of your communications and are happy to do so at all times.

NEC SV8100 useful downloads

NEC SV8100 DT Phone Users Guide

NEC SV8100_Digital Phones_Datasheet

NEC_sv8100_Phone System brochure

NEC SV8100 MyCalls Call Logging Brochure

Maintenance and Support for NEC SV8100 Phone Systems

How To Change The Time on Your NEC SV8100 System

Southern Communications provide fully accredited maintenance services, support, components, handsets and peripherals for the NEC SV8100 business phone system.

NEC SV8100 Telephone Systems

The NEC sv8100 was released in 2008, and is the UK’s most advanced VoIP hybrd business phone system. NEC sv8100 parts and telephones are fully available from our huge telecoms equipment stock, and maintenance and support for the sv8100 is fully available at competitive costs.

The sv8100’s flexible telecoms architecture means it can support traditional telephony and the latest VoIP telephony simulataneously for up to 512 devices.

NEC SV8100 maintenance and support

The NEC sv8100 phone system supports all phone line technologies – ISDN, Analogue and SIP trunks.

Southern Communications won NEC’s coveted engineering excellence award in 2008 for quality of maintenance and support provided for NEC phone systems.

NEC sv8100 Application Support

The NEC sv8100 has a number of advanced software applications that operate with the phone system, such as MyCalls and MyPhone.

MyCalls is an advanced phone call logging application that can be upgraded to provide full contact centre and call recording functions.

MyPhone is a PC-based telephone assistant application, designed to provide phone users with additional telecoms functions via the click of a mouse.

We provide full support for these applications as part of your NEC sv8100 maintenance agreement. Software can be supplied and installed if your business needs to improve telecoms productivity.

information on the NEC sv8100 system

nec aspire maintenance - mycalls applications

We have been installing and supporting the NEC sv8100 system since it was first released in 2008, and installed the UK’s first NEC sv8100 phone system in our own offices.

In-House Phone System Engineers and Programmers

We provide comprehensive in-house fully accredited support and maintenance for NEC sv8100 business phone systems. We hold over £150,000.00 of maintenance phone system equipment stock to cover almost any emergency.

All of our NEC sv8100 support engineers are employed directly by Southern Communications.

Queries are handled by our in-house support team at our head office, and maintenance work is carried out by our engineering staff, either remotely or with a visit from one of our field-based engineers.

Competitive NEC SV8100 Maintenance & Support Costs

Due to the volume of equipment we provide, NEC sv 8100 system reliability and our premier partner status with NEC Infrontia, our annual fees for support sv 8100 systems are lower than our competitors.

Free NEC SV8100 System Remote Programming & Alterations

All of our maintenance customers benefit from free programming. If you require small changes to be made to your sv8100 phone system (less than 15 minutes work), we will do it for free via our remote diagnostics facility.

NEC SV8100 Phone System Maintenance & Support Services Overview

Faulty equipment is replaced with new

If your sv8100 phone system suffers equipment failure, we replace it with new from our maintenance stock, at no cost. Replacement NEC phone system equipment and associated labour are free when you have a maintenance contract with us. Phone system equipment can be costly (ISDN cards can be over £1,000.00 to replace), and a maintenance contract acts as low-cost insurance for your phone system.

Free NEC Sv 8100 Phone System Changes and Alterations via Remote Access

You will no doubt change your SV8100 phone system settings from time to time, from simple re-naming of telephone extensions to a major office re-organisation or expansion.

If you need to make occasional changes, we are happy to do them for you FREE OF CHARGE using our remote access facilities. We’ll connect to your system from our support department and make the changes remotely.

Software Upgrades

NEC continue to release new software levels for the sv8100 phone system. We will keep your phone system updated with the latest software and technology whilst a maintenance contract is in place.

Over-the-Phone Support

We are happy to provide over-the-phone support for customers with technical queries, or who have thier own in-house system programming software, perhaps needing a little guidance as they make thier own changes.

Additional Equipment

We provide preferential rates and levels of service to maintenance customers who wish to purchase additional NEC sv8100 phone system equipment as thier business grows.

Resolving Disputes – Testing

We carry testing equipment for 3rd party items such as ISDN line equipment. We give you a clear and categorical fault analysis in cases of disputes with other providers.

The NEC sv8100 Telephone System is the UK’s most popular keysystem-biased VoIP telephone system. Powerful easy-to-use desktop applications with advanced mobility, conferencing and networking features make the NEC sv8100 the choice for business.

Southern Communications have been supplying, installing and supporting NEC telephone systems since 1995, and are a fully accredited NEC Premier Business Partner for implementation and support of the NEC Aspire, NEC SV8100 and NEC Xn120 phone systems.