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Case Studies

Customers of Southern Communications have benefited from improved technologies, services and reduced costs which have enabled them to enhance communications between their staff, suppliers and customers.


See how our customers have benefited from our voice and data solutions.


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Bloodhound SSC test run

Southern Communications Network support 10,000 visitors and global media streaming at the first test of Bloodhound SSC

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NCC Education

Hosted telephony helps NCC Education reduce costs and improve working practices.

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Southampton Football Club

Southern Communications installs winning solution, NEC Univerge 3C, into Southampton Football Club.

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Fairfax Meadow

Fairfax Meadow improved their productivity with smoother, faster communications from the NEC SV8100.

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Crawley Community & Voluntary Service

Crawley Community & Voluntary Service enjoy a reliable infrastructure and service, cost-savings and increased efficiency with a new Avaya IP500 telephone system.

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Richmond Housing Partnership

RHP saved £20K per annum and improved customer service with the NEC call centre phone system.

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Water Babies

Waterbabies improved their customer services with Integrated IT and Telephone systems including the NEC SV9100.

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Greenham Business Park

Greenham Business Park helped to save clients money on telecoms whilst delivering improved customer service.

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Expro Oil

Expro International achieved cost savings to maximise business efficiency with our calls and lines.

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Portway Domestic Appliances

Portway reduced running costs and maximised call handling efficiency with our calls and lines and NEC phone systems.

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London Theatres

Southern Communications radically improves internal and external communication at two of London’s best-known theatres with NEC systems.

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