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Since 1965, Southern Communications has been the number one choice for business telecoms services.

Development, innovation, new technology, performance and expertise has always made us a strong, reliable and obvious choice for driving business communications.

  • Up until market privatisation in the early 1980s, telephone systems and telecoms equipment were obtainable only via the GPO – the General Post Office. Southern Communications was established in 1965, its founders recognising a requirement in the telecoms market for dictation systems.
    Southern Communications quickly became a market leader in the design and manufacture of dictation equipment, providing solutions to corporate organisations such as BP and Shell in the UK. The dictation systems connected to the GPO telephone systems of the day, allowing managers to use their telephone to dictate and record messages that would be presented to the typing pools. In 1977, Southern Communications was incorporated as a limited company.
  • On 6th August 1984, the Government sold shares in what was formerly Post Office Telecommunications, renamed British Telecommunications plc, to the public. This was the first public utility to become a privatised business in the UK.
    Privately owned telecoms firms were able to sell phone systems and services to businesses for the first time, and Southern Communications used their expertise with phone systems to take advantage of the opportunity. The sales and maintenance services of business phone systems had begun.
    At the same time, personal computers were becoming affordable and available to managers and directors, who saw this as an opportunity to write their own correspondence, or have letters typed by their PAs instead of employing large numbers of staff for the same purpose.
    Other telecoms vendors were also licenced to provide telephone line and call services to UK businesses, creating a competitive market.
  • In the early 1990s, digital “key system” telephone systems became affordable and widely available for the first time, bringing added functionality to every user in every UK business.
    Previously in most UK businesses, all telecoms functionality was delivered to the main receptionist console and the user phones had been plain, ordinary telephones (known as POTs). Key systems allowed direct-to-desk dialling, advanced voicemail and messaging functions, quick-and-easy use and interactive displays with LED buttons showing user status.
    Southern Communications supplied key system solutions to businesses via the Plessey PKS1 & PKS2 telephone systems, the first of their kind to be available in the UK.
    In 1995, ISDN lines became available, giving even more functionality to the desktop user, and the telephone system technology advanced further to support it.
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    NEC (then Nitsuko) DXE telephone systems were the UK’s most advanced ISDN key system and we continue to support over 300 DXE systems today.
    Energis, ACC and a number of other telecoms providers also received PTO and International Reseller licences in an attempt to make the calls and lines market more competitive. Southern Communications began recommending ACC for low-cost calls, and managing customer billing accounts as part of system maintenance agreements. Phone systems were configured with LCR software to route calls to the likes of ACC, Mercury and Energis.
  • VoIP and the development of Internet communications have dominated business telecoms technology since the turn of the century, and Southern Communications has a complete portfolio of business telecoms products and services to reflect these steps.
    Evonex represents the latest in business telecoms technology development.
    Businesses benefit from high quality voice communications delivered over the internet with easy to use handsets, and intuitive portal for phone system management, desktop call management and a mobile application.
    Low-Cost Calls & Lines Since 2003, we have been providing cheaper business calls and telephone line installation services to UK businesses, as a direct calls and lines reseller and wholesale partner. A full portfolio of network and calls services are available thanks to partnerships with multiple UK networks.
    Phone Systems VoIP business phone systems, TDM systems, Convergence and Key system solutions are available with complete top-to-bottom implementation including supply, delivery, configuration, training and post-installation support. Full voice and data cabling and consultation services are also available.
    Business Mobiles We now provide complete services for business mobile fleets of all sizes, including mobile voice, data and internet services and support.
    Broadband and Data Circuits The latest High-speedbroadband services are available, together with Ethernet and SIP connectivity and support. What’s next? Since 1965 our business has developed purely based on what our customers want for their business communications. So our future is up to you…