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How to get the most out of your NEC phone system

The main benefits of an NEC system include competitive costs, free consultation and a huge range of advanced features.

Why NEC?

  • Safe, secure and efficient
  • Advanced functionality
  • Latest phone technology
  • Specialists in broadband business solutions
  • Reliable post-sales management

NEC SV9100

  • Favourite for businesses and nonprofits with strict budget expenditure
  • Ideal to use all the very latest phone technology
  • A VoIP hybrid to suit your telecoms requirements

Once an NEC phone system has been highlighted as the best fit for your business and communication requirements, there are many ways to help you get the most from the system in relation to quality calls, productivity, and useful features:

Request a detailed proposal

The first stage is to get in touch with details of your business requirements. We can then match these needs to the NEC range and make a recommendation. This will depend on the size and scope of your company, over one or multiple sites, number of users and mobile requirements. During a detailed meeting, our team will discuss configuration options, associated costs and predicted ongoing cost savings compared to your old system.

The transparent process results in a system tailored to your business, with the freedom for it to be expanded or reduced based on your set-up, to cater for potential changes to your business structure, in the future. This meeting also discusses a start date for installation and arrangements for staff training.

Get user training

Training your staff is essential for all employees to understand and use the system to its potential. We train staff at your premises following installation, so they get training on the system they will be using. This allows for an easier transition and staff that are more confident – and customers calling in.

During this process, the phone system manager, end-user groups and administers can be presented with all the information and practical knowledge they need. Tailored to suit your needs, it improves efficiency and means calls don’t ever have to be missed, dropped or even transferred again.

Training shortens the transition time by giving staff the tools they need to use the system. Once fully in use, employees can contact us for additional training, support and will also have access to copies of training notes and user manuals.

Understand the scope of features

NEC phone systems are known globally for their technological innovation and include features such as 24/7 call logging, software upgrades, advanced call handling modes, home worker options, mobile twinning and connectivity across single and multi site premises.

On an end-user view, there’s call forwarding, voicemail, easy transfer and a variety of waiting options to maintain a brand image and improve customer service. It’s crucial that those involved in the network know the capabilities so they can use them to their advantage.

For every issue, NEC phone systems offer a solution that’s simple to implement.

Receive ongoing maintenance

Monitoring the performance of your phone system can highlight any technical or performance issues and keep your system running as new. Southern Communications are able to manage the vast majority of maintenance through remote diagnostics without visiting your site or disrupting staff during work hours. Once you’ve chosen an NEC phone system, specialist engineers on hand to fix any error.

Research add-ons

Once you have installed a high-quality NEC system and you have real-time data to assess how it is being used, it is possible for add-ons to further enhance your communications based on your needs. This can include updates to the management software or adding in additional call routing and transfer options.

Whatever the add-on you require, it’s productive to always ask what the system is and can do for you as a business. This becomes particularly important when you increase users of your telecoms, hire more home workers or need to advance your systems mobility.

Southern Communications are one of only three NEC Premier Partners in the UK and the only UK Hospitality Partner. We have been supplying NEC phone systems for over twenty years and offer advice and bespoke phone system designs to our customers.

Get in touch today if you have any questions. Southern Communications work with leading phone manufacturers and hosted telephony providers and can help you upgrade your phone system.