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Hosted telephony for multi-site businesses

Hosted telephony places your phone system in the cloud, rather than on site. It has no upfront equipment purchase costs and can be accessed by many Internet enabled devices.

Hosted telephony is a reliable, flexible, and cost effective communications technology ideal for single and multi-site businesses. Our guide on hosted telephony explains all the benefits of the system and how it compares to a traditional PBX; here we focus on how it works across multiple locations for larger businesses and departments, such as:

  • Call centres across various industries
  • Customer support departments
  • The education sector (Read a case study here)
  • Housing and property partnerships

Multi-site hosted telephony

As hosted telephony is in the cloud, it is ideal for managing communications across multiple sites and offers streamlined, efficient contact between different locations, both internally and customer facing branch and home worker offices. Across the UK businesses benefit from this flexible connectivity and the advanced features it provides.

Enhanced capabilities

A fully managed, centralised communications system includes many advanced features that increase your telephony capabilities as standard. Advanced features include high definition voice quality, staff status reporting, virtual employees can work from home and appear as if in the office, recorded calls and automated performance reports help to manage your business.

Upgrades are available remotely meaning there is no disruption to your business, staff or customers. This ensures you always benefit from up to date functionality allowing your company to thrive and be as productive as possible.

Greater flexibility

A centralised systems allows department managers and business owners to add and close locations, redistribute users if they move to different sites and reduce or increase the total number of users on the system. All calls can be reviewed and the data analysed to create in-depth reports, aiding project managers in improving business strategies and training.

One of the single biggest benefits is that all staff will be able to use the same system and communicate effectively between departments and with customers in a harmonised, consistent manner expected from larger businesses.

Cost effective

Across multiple sites there are significant savings when existing lines and phone systems are all consolidated into a single cloud-based system on one network. In addition, all calls across the network between sites will be charged at a reduced cost, or can even be free, as it’s ‘on-network’.

Combined with the fact hosted telephony has no upfront equipment purchase costs, maintenance is included in the license fee, savings are both immediate and ongoing.

Less risk than traditional PBX

When you operate the communications of multiple sites across multiple phone systems and lines, dedicated staff are required at each branch to maintain the connection and troubleshoot issues as they arise. With one system that’s supported 24/7 by your provider and has been built to be truly resilient, you can operate with peace of mind.

Should any downtime occur, calls will go straight to an alternative number of your choice or voicemail, maintaining opportunities for business leads and customer satisfaction.

Future growth

When the time comes for your business to add further sites across the UK, hosted telephony puts you in the enviable position of being able to simply add another site to the same network. Staff will already be trained in the system and new employees can learn in-house from existing teams at no additional cost to you.

Having centralised communications also means that should any issues occur, calls can be transferred to another site without the customer being disrupted, meaning you can always provide excellent customer service.

Installation and packages

Hosted telephony can be installed across all business sites that have access to an Internet connection. Should you be unsure of your set-up, the team at Southern Communications can work with you to provide everything you need to benefit from this technology.

  • Considerations include:
  • Having suitable bandwidth
  • Creating user licenses
  • Choosing and connecting VoIP phone systems

We have a range of options to suit different budgets and can advise on the best communication solutions for your business. For more information please get in touch using our contact form or speak to our sales team. We look forward to hearing from you.