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Spotlight on: SCLCloud Centrex

Unified Communications

Southern Communications are proud to offer SCLCloud Centrex, a complete Unified Communications (UC) platform accessed via an intuitive dashboard, or online management system. It is available to any business with an Internet connection and on any Internet enabled device.

What is SCLCloud Centrex?

Ideal to improve business communications between staff, customers and suppliers, it is a comprehensive, secure and scalable form of hosted telephony with advanced features and unlimited free calls.

As a hosting environment, it can be installed quickly without any capital outlay and will work across desktops, laptops, smartphones, and its advanced features include CRM integration and shared screen conferencing options.

Additionally, it’s designed to ensure your communications are not affected by ‘worst case scenarios’, such as fires or floods, providing you with peace of mind and the ability to continue being productive.

How can businesses benefit?

Once you’ve decided that SCLCloud is right for your business, there are many benefits you’ll enjoy:

Cost effective

There is absolutely no capital outlay for this system, which means any finance approval process is straightforward with no large outgoings in one month or quarter. The software itself can be installed remotely once payment is received and there are no ongoing maintenance costs.

It is recommended that new, feature rich handsets are used to complement the system. These can be included in the monthly rental costs for the system.

Remote updates

As the system is hosted on the cloud, engineers don’t need to make on site visits to upgrade and update the system once it is installed. This means that at any time you’ll benefit from state of the art functionality and have instant access to the latest applications.

As a result, the time of IT staff at your business is freed up to work on other infrastructure issues or ongoing client projects. As the upgrades come at no extra cost – it’s the system simply improving itself over time – the ROI is very impressive.

Indepth call data

Department managers are able to view all data for members of their team and use the dashboard to quickly see performance statistics and areas of improvement. As all user profiles work across all devices, it a fantastic way to analysis complete data to make changes to improve internal processes.

This data will also be improved by the resilience of the system; you never have to miss a call again with redirects and voicemail both in place.

Feature rich handsets

There is a wide range of handsets with advanced features that work well with the hosting environment to ensure you can utilise all the options available to you. These handsets include the Yealink T42Gn, T46GN, T48Gn and and W52P DECT phone.

Encourage team collaboration

Ideal for multi-site businesses, teams can host conference calls and share screens easily, including with clients, suppliers and potential business leads. Employees can simply log on to SCLCLoud Centrex wherever they are and join a conference call, improving productivity and communication with one another.

This is also a professional and efficient method for hosting remote meetings, company wide updates, and even pitches. Before installation, your broadband bandwidth and speed will be assessed and if required, improved, to make the most of this and other high end functionality.

License types

At Southern Communications we provide three license types to companies, which offer a range of features and ultimately, the best plan to improve your communications:

Our license types:

  • Functional user
  • Fixed user
  • Mobile user

The functional user license is best for common areas where minimal phone features are required.Fixed user licenses are created specifically for desk based staff that require full functionality to help with productivity and customer service and come with standard features such as call logging and voicemail.

Finally, mobile user licenses provide employees with all the functionality of the fixed user when they’re out of office, connected to an internet enabled device. Created with an intuitive smartphone and iPad app, it is ideal for international businesses and staff members who always need to be contactable. To learn more about our licenses and the features they include, please click here.

Our competitive contract types mean you only pay for the number of users you have and this can be remotely updated as it changes in real time. To discuss installing SCLCloud Centrex, please get in touch with one of our advisors for a no obligation quote.

 *Featured Image by NEC Corporation of America, via Flickr with Creative Commons license.