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Spotlight on the NEC SV9100 phone system

nec sv9100 with devices

The NEC SV9100 is one of the core communications platforms from NEC, a global technology company, of which Southern Communications is a premier partner.

With over 100 years’ experience in innovative systems, NEC is the world’s top selling phone system manufacturer and the NEC SV9100, the world’s top selling telephone.Is a fantastic option for businesses of any size.

What is the NEC SV9100?

– Latest generation business telephone system

– IP telephone system

– On site PBX (Private Branch Exchange)

Released in 2014, the NEC SV9100 is a scalable IP unified communication system with a reputation for being highly reliable and feature-rich. A smart technology, the server caters from 10 to over 800 users and offers access to advanced apps to manage and assess performance.

Designed to make your company more competitive, it is an on-site system with all the benefits of hosted telephony, including mobile functionality, video conferencing, call logs, call waiting, voicemail to text and the ability to be contacted on multiple devices with the same number.

Compatible with a range of NEC handsets, it allows for future growth and seasonal peaks where customer relations become even more essential to success. At any point users can be added with the addition of a handset and businesses have 100% control to add, edit and delete users.


– Add new users/services in real-time

– User friendly software

– Intuitive dashboard

– Bandwidth control

– Online helpdesk

– Scalability

A flexible telephone system, you and your team have full access to moderate and alter users and preferences. As the server is onsite, changes can be tailored 24/7 to aid productivity and client relations.

With high quality calls, video conferencing and mobile functionality, your business is provided with the communication tools needed to get ahead and be competitive in your industry.

Is it right for your business?

– Capex expenditure

– Single and multi-site solution

– Low running costs

– Free software upgrades

If you’re budget would benefit from capex, or upfront, expenditure and low ongoing costs, then it is the ideal system for your business. Due to the ongoing cost savings, it is generally preferred by non-profit organisations and businesses who seek cost-effective solutions and a long-term return on investment.

Suitable for businesses of all sizes, it is particularly relevant to you if you are growing, or are a medium to large sized business with a customer service department. When you buy from Southern Communications the system comes with training and software upgrades, future-proofing it to provide further value for money.

Compatible handsets

A range of IP handsets enables you to choose a multiple devices to suit different uses requirements, from r common areas to multimedia handsets and conference phones designed for busy boardrooms.

Details of stylish NEC SV9100 handsets are available here, with an overview of features and benefits of each, including for the NEC DT430 Telephone Handset and the DT830 IP Deskphone. User friendly features include movable legs, backlit screens, wall mounting, programmable keys and easy call transfer.

Our advisors can offer information on which is the best handset for your particular environment and needs.

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We have over 50 years’ experience in telecoms and will provide the best service to your company, ensuring your communications are reliable, productive and suited to your needs and business goals.