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4 Tips to Christmas Messaging on your Business Phone System

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Your customers should always be at the heart of your business, and in an ideal world you’d answer all of your customers’ calls instantly and have their details to hand straight away. However in the world of business communications, it’s often necessary to put customers on hold and waiting in line while they are transferred to the right department.

Statistics say that on average, businesses put 70% of callers on hold every day. So you need to make sure your customers are engaged in that time and that they stay online, because two thirds of customers who are met with silence will hang up within 30 seconds.

Why is hold messaging important?

Call abandonment is always a problem when you hold customers on your phone system, and promotional messaging can help to reduce this as it prevents them from getting bored while they wait.

While your customers are on hold, you’ve got an ideal opportunity to with engage them. The average time that customers spend on hold during any call is about half a minute. That’s 30 seconds in which you can push your brand image and cross-sell products and services.

Why is festive messaging important for Christmas?

At Christmas time, you’ve got a great opportunity, not just to let your customers know about different opening times and promotions you’re running but also to wish them some festive cheer and put a smile on their faces.

But as well as wishing customers Merry Christmas, you can take advantage of the time they are on hold to remind them to get their orders in on time. A unique seasonal message can also help to soften the pain point for customers of having to wait as well.

On hold messaging is one of the most effective forms of targeted advertising since you are speaking to already interested parties. A Christmas themed phone message is your chance to surprise and delight your customers to do a little something extra and make sure that they remember your brand throughout the year.

Four tips for your Christmas messaging:

When it comes to preparing your seasonal phone message, there are a few things you need to consider. Once you have created the basis for your Christmas messaging, it can be replicated and improved on year on year.

Your script

Your script needs to be promotional, but not so product heavy that it gets boring to listen to. Keep it light and Christmassy and then get your brand message in there afterwards. Cracker jokes, dad jokes – Christmas is the time for fun puns, so see how you can add some industry specific personality in your messaging, whether you work in retail or the hospitality sectors.

The music

Your messaging needs to include a Christmas jingle to really set the mood. You can always find some royalty-free seasonal tunes online for your background music. During this process, decide how heavy handed or light you want to be; for more professional services, a lighter touch may be more on brand.

Your voice

Who are you going to get to read your script? Father Christmas, one of his elves, Mrs Claus? Your message needs to sound friendly, a little comical maybe but above all intelligible to all callers. You will also need to consider the accent of the speaker. Is it better to have a neutral or a more regional accent for your business?

Alternatively, you can keep the voice and overall messaging the same and add on a more formal node to the season, wishing callers a happy festive season.

Coordinate with your telecom provider

You will need to ensure that your seasonal message is played at the right time and also that it doesn’t disrupt your customer journey too much. So be sure to speak to your phone service provider about setting up your seasonal messaging.

For any further advice on Christmas messaging for your customer answering service or any other aspect of business phone services, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.