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Our Telecoms Predictions for 2019

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Following our six highlights of 2018 where we looked at our top achievements including our record turnover and the launch of Evonex, we’re making predictions for the industry in 2019.

As we look ahead, it’s an exciting time of new technologies, wider use of of FTTP broadband and the beginning of the end for ISDN.

Disconnecting ISDN

Since 2017, the days of ISDN have been numbered with BT Openreach announcing they would switch of the network in the UK in 2025 and stop the sale of ISDN lines in 2020. As businesses must be prepared, 2019 will see a large number of companies disconnecting from the service to prevent downtime and a lack of productivity should they wait until the 2025 cut-off point.

If you require disconnection and an upgrade, perhaps to SIP Trunks or Hosted VoIP, please get in touch about our ISDN replacement service as soon as possible. We have already helped a number of companies make the switch to future-proof their communications.

Growth of hybrid networks

At this time, cloud technologies are more well known and small and medium sized businesses are making the switch. Hybrid networks allow companies to combine the benefits of internal and external systems with guaranteed bandwidth between on-premise and cloud solutions.

The flexibility of hybrid solutions mean businesses can pick and choose what they want in the cloud, and which applications they want to keep on-premises. In 2019 more companies will be aware of this tailored approach to cloud technologies and take advantage of a system built for their specific needs.

In essence, it’s about the communications industry educating businesses that moving to the cloud doesn’t require all services to be migrated.

Wider rollout of FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)

The UK Government has set a target for 15 million premises to be connected to full fibre by 2025, leading into full coverage being achieved in 2033. With 2025 only six years away, the work to switch will now begin in earnest.

The aim of this Government target is to invest in the future of telecoms across the country, allowing the infrastructure to evolve efficiently from copper to fibre.

5G to become more prevalent

In 2018 there has been a lot of hype surrounding 5G enabled devices and in the latter half of 2019, a lot of this should come to fruition. As with the introduction of 3G and 4G, it will benefit businesses and with better connections and call quality – particularly for video.

Already in wide use in America, there is less of a need for it in the UK as 4G is very fast and reliable, but it should offer enough to entice users.

Final thoughts

At Southern Communications we work with all of our clients to create the best telecoms solutions for their businesses, utilising the best technologies available.

As a leader in the industry, we endeavour to stay at the forefront of technology and in turn, provide you with greater flexibility, choice and benefits.If you believe your own system is out of date and requires an upgrade, please contact us on 01256 391046.