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Scaling Up Your Phone System As Your Business Grows

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Upgrading a phone system is one of the essential improvements small and mediums businesses can make to ensure they are capable of sustainable growth.

In particular, a switch to a cloud-based system from a traditional PBX offers incredible benefits to productivity, out of office and out of hours working, as well as improving engagement with customers.

Discover the main benefits and how to upscale with our insight, and for more information, please see our telecoms guide:

The benefits of upscaling

  • Remote working capabilities
  • Efficient call management to improve engagement with your customers
  • Scalability; benefit from the infrastructure to expand your telecoms easily as your business grows
  • Setup branded marketing options (unified communications)
  • Report on performance and measure success
  • Never miss an enquiry with hold options and voicemail
  • Cost efficiency with upgrades included in your contract

Who is it right for?

  • All SMEs
  • International businesses
  • Multi-office businesses
  • Business with growing customer services

How to scale up?

Once you’ve made the decision that now is the right time to scale up, what does the process involve and how do you do it?

Current setup evaluation

We will review your current setup and check all requirements for an upgrade.

Tailored solution

Based on your needs and budget we will use our expertise to create a bespoke comms package for your business, with the right scalability included for future growth.

Pricing and rental

We will quote for any initial set-up costs and monthly payments for rental. This will be in line with your expectations and kept as flexible as possible.

Installation and training

Once the best system has been chosen, our team will safely deliver and install handsets and any wiring that might be required. Full training can also be arranged to ensure staff use the system to its full potential.

Upgrades and support

If you have opted for a cloud-based system (hosted telephony), upgrades will be completed free of charge as and when they are required, so you don’t need to worry about the technology dating.

Whilst systems are monitored 24/7 to pick up and prevent any issues arising, you can also speak to our support team if your require retraining, more handsets for your growing team, or have any other questions about your communications.

Enquire today

If you are an SME that is ready to upscale your communications to help your continued growth, get in touch with our expert team. We will talk through your requirements and create the best upscale solutions, in line with your budget and business goals.

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