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A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Business Contracts for Mobiles

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Mobile phones have become vitally important to all types of businesses in the UK and internationally. Providing access to calls and texts, WiFi, 3G and 4G, they make staff reachable on and off site, and provide greater flexibility for work outside of the traditional 9-5.

With mobile contracts for top brands – Apple, Samsung – from top networks – EE, O2, Vodafone – you open up more possibilities for your business to be productive and never miss a call, email, deal or enquiry again.

Our business mobile contracts are available now and we tailor to your specific usage and needs to offer an effective, fairly priced solution. Discover more below and to talk to a member of our team, simply call 01256 391 046.

What are mobile business contracts?

Mobile business contracts are contracts specifically for mobile devices used in businesses, smartphones and tablets, and are designed to let you get the most from communication the go.

Tailored to your usage and business locale (international roaming charges, free internal calls for example), they’re a flexible option that can also allow you to upgrade so you’re always using the most up to date technologies.

Who are these contracts right for?

Due to the flexibility of both SIM and PAYG business mobile plans, they are suitable for individual business owners building start-ups, SMEs and large international brands.

Communication is important for any business, and smartphones are now a necessity and expectation of both staff and clients.

What are the main benefits of our mobile contracts?

Our contracts work for all businesses and involve mixing and matching hardware, software and connectivity with the best brands in the industry.

  • Access to the best networks and phone brands in the world
  • Incredible flexibility suited to your needs and goals
  • Secure devices to protect your data
  • Great value prices for exceptional deals
  • Detailed statistics and clear billing
  • Portal access for management of devices and data
  • Friendly, expert customer service and support

In addition, when your chosen models have reached their end of life, you can utilise our environmentally safe device disposal service.

How to avoid extra costs and charges

Always be aware of what your contract covers for the number of devices on the plan, including any stipulations or limits for the following:

  • Call minutes
  • Data usage
  • SMS, MMS messages
  • Roaming charges

Should the worst happen on a business trip – loss, breakages, theft – don’t be left with the cost of purchasing new models. Instead, cover for the unexpected with our mobile insurance and have total peace of mind.

Options include cloud back-up services to protect any work, and a replacement loan phone sent to you within 48 hours of your claim being administered.

Get the right deal today

With over 50 years in the telecoms industry we provide you with exceptional customer service and attention to detail, as well as flexible plans to suit your business aims and budget.

If we haven’t answered your question here, please email sales@southern-comms.co.uk with your query.