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Are You Ready to Switch from ISDN to SIP Trunking?

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If your business is still operating on an ISDN network for it’s communications, then now is the time to switch to it’s ready-made successor, SIP Trunking.

The ISDN, or Integrated Service Digital Network, will no longer be sold by BT from 2020 and existing lines will be turned off in 2025. This move allows them to focus on a single IP network and higher quality services.

What do you need to do?

If you use the ISDN, don’t panic. There is still the chance to make the switch in a timely fashion with minimal downtime – what you don’t want is to wait until the 2025 deadline and face having your business critical communications becoming obsolete.

So, take the opportunity now to find a reliable telecoms expert, such as Southern Communications, to replace your aging ISDN with SIP Trunking.

Apart from safeguarding the future of your communications and the smooth running of your business, there are many appealing benefits of SIP Trunks.

Why switch?

ISDN switch-off

As mentioned, the network will no longer be sold by BT as early as 2020, and will be switched off entirely in 2025. This puts a clear deadline to switch by and the sooner it’s completed, the sooner you can benefit from SIP and remove the ‘doomsday’ scenario of being on ISDN come 2025.

Cost savings

Our ISDN replacement service will translate your calls from ISDN to a SIP delivery, which will be cheaper than your existing ISDN lines. In addition, expensive upgrades to improve your old system may not be necessary, with the advanced functionality already built in to SIP.

Advanced functionality

Voice quality is the same as with ISDN, whilst also offering centralised operations, easy IT management and dashboards, the ability to transfer numbers, redirect numbers, hot desking and greater mobility for staff.

Increased productivity

Users can benefit from a unified communications system and interface where they can receive both internal and external calls easily, as well as call logs ready to review and productivity can be improved,

Prepare for future growth

Adding channels with SIP is a simple and easy process, simply contact your provider. It doesn’t require any physical installations and can be done from a PC. This flexibility is important to growing businesses and means SIP offers communication solutions as you expand and relocate.,

Our ISDN replacement service

Our replacement service reduces the cost of upgrading to SIP for businesses that do not have a SIP enabled telephone system. It has been used by many businesses to date and is a stress free approach that doesn’t require you to upgrade your existing phone system.

Our expert engineers enable your calls to be translated from ISDN so that they instead can be delivered over SIP, meaning you no longer require the ISDN lines, This is done via a router and maintains your current ISDN voice quality.

Once completed, you will start to see cost savings with cheaper calls and free calls to UK local and mobile numbers,

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