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Benefits of Company mobiles phones

Ever thought about company mobile phones for your business? We have put together 8 reasons to why they can be very beneficial for you and your colleges.

  1. When working from home you need your teams to stay connected, good communication when your teams are geographically split is essential to success in this climate.
  2. You do not need structured cabling around your house to talk to your customers or colleges.
  3. Working from home shouldn’t have to restrict home workers to the room they’ve got their desk phone in.
  4. As companies adopt a safe 50/50 working from home/Office approach, taking a mobile to and from office is better than your desk phone
  5. Access your calendars and schedules on the move / remotely
  6. Be available at crucial times, deadlines, emergencies, on call, medical industry, life, and death, etc.
  7. Reliable / Faster connectivity than some fixed connections in rural areas
  8. Connect with clients via social media on mobiles, such as LinkedIn, etc. quickly and efficiently, as you know with social media if there’s a relevant story that breaks or news that needs to be spread, ‘if you’re not first, your last!’

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