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Our 6 top tips for homeworking

Its all about finding your rhythm, many have not found it easy working from home with all the distractions around you, take a read of our top 6 tips:

  1. Get dressed! Even though you are at home, getting dress will improve your state of mind
  2. Have boundaries with people around you, don’t let your cat, your dog your husband or kids distract you. Make sure they understand that you are working even though you’re not in your usual work environment
  3. Get out and about! You may not miss your everyday travel but just because you are working from home does not mean you have to stay cooped up indoors, go get some air
  4. Pick up your phone and have a conversation with a work colleague to help you engage you with your normal surroundings
  5. Make sure you take breaks. It’s easy for us to just get into the mode of work and forget about the whole wide world around us but its important to take regular breaks; go for a walk, walk your dog or go get some lunch (if you’re not self-isolating of course).
  6. Join in the team WhatsApp chats.  Use this and share the funny videos etc.  For anyone who is furloughed, they will appreciate still feeling part of the team.