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iPhone 12 – Which is right for you?

In this blog Ed Newman, Mobile Sales Manager at Southern Communications discusses the iPhone 12.

Now is a pivotal time for the mobile market, predominantly due to the annual iPhone release, and our customers have been as keen as ever to lock in their orders. Possibly driven by the increase in remote working, we have seen a larger than usual appetite to secure stock, resulting in an increase in pre orders.

The usual uncertainty was there, amongst those who did not wish to trawl technical specifications, around what the key differences actually were between the different models; iPhone 12, 12 Pro & Pro Max leading to the big question – Which would be the right one for my team?

Usually the main variables are the standard differences in weight, size and speed, however, this year we needed to look a little closer. They all support 5G, are 7.4mm thick, the same slab design and water resistant up to 6meters.

The size

Interestingly the iPhone 12 is smaller than the iPhone 11 however with this comes greater screen resolution with the iPhone 12, which boasts 460 ppi compared to its predecessor the iPhone 11 with 326 ppi.

The look and feel

The two top end models, the Pro and Pro Max have a stainless-steel border which gives a much smoother finish than the aluminium border of the iPhone 12.   Interestingly, we have seen customers favour the rougher feel for their warehouse operatives and engineers, where putting a phone with a smooth finish and little to no grip was not going to end well!

The Camera

Something that really divides the models is the camera. The iPhone 12 does not have the telephoto zoom lens of the Pro and Pro Max. This has made a big difference to marketeers who need great shots and cannot always be in the centre of the action.  Having up to 12x digital zoom, compared to up to 5x digital zoom from the standard iPhone 12, is key to enabling them to do their jobs well. The 47% larger wide-angle sensor on the Pro Max, than on the Pro, was a winner for a national estate agency, allowing wider angle, much crisper shots, especially where lighting is poor.

The Colours

Colour of handset agreeably doesn’t always seem like an option to bring into the business world as this is usually left in the consumer market, however, due to branding, marketing and logo, one particular customer has shifted from android to apple predominantly because of the new pacific blue that the Pro & Pro Max are available in.

Pricing and Features

We have not seen the huge increase in cost that we have seen in previous years. Whether we have grown used to the price tag they carry, have been happy with the additions and improvements made or both! Either way, whilst there is a difference in features etc, one thing which has not been a shock is the pricing.

In summary the iPhone12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max have all been very popular with features for everyone. Specific verticals will naturally lend themselves to certain models however, if you still feel you need to explore this more, we are happy to chat this through and provide best advice to help get your teams the right handset for their role.

If you want to sieve through the other minor difference you could also use a comparison website such as www.gsmarena.com