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The Benefits of Evonex for Businesses


We’ve been providing businesses with high quality hosted telephony solutions for over a decade and are delighted to launch the future of data communications – Evonex.

The Evonex is one of the most feature rich solutions on the market and will put your business above the competition, with intuitive communications and reporting between staff, suppliers and clients.

Here, we take a look at some of the most impressive benefits of Evonex to help you understand if it is right for your business aims:

The top 5 benefits you can enjoy

Advanced functionality

● Intuitive user portal
● HD voice and video
● Selective CLI presentation
● Hunt groups and call queue management
● Failover should your connection go down
● Desktop, smartphone, handset compatibility

Evonex is a reliable, high performance system that includes all the standard features such as call waiting, voicemail, call forwarding and music on hold, as well as an incredible range of advanced features. It is through these advanced features that you can truly impress your customers and deliver professional communications at all times.

One major point to consider is that it has a built-in failsafe; should your connection go down for any reason, you will still be contactable and won’t miss those all-important calls.

In-depth reporting

With the system’s Wallboards (dashboards), you can view call performance data including call activity and handler information, from any internet enabled device or in the office. Once this data is reviewed, it provides invaluable insight into call level performance and ultimately, areas of improvement.

This software allows you to view performance based on different departments and groups in your business. Displayed in quick and easy to understand visuals, it’s ideal for project managers and directors to assess productivity in a timely fashion.

Significant cost savings

There is absolutely no capital outlay for the system as you are invoiced on a monthly basis for an agreed amount. You only ever pay for what you use (typically per handset), so you’ll never be overcharged on your communications.

The value of Evonex is extremely high when you take into account both the cost savings from a traditional PBX system and the functionality gained.

Flexible communications

As Evonex allows you to easily communicate from office handsets, connected mobiles and home telephones, staff are always reachable and with features such as voicemail to email, there are a number of ways to get in touch with the opportunity of a quick response.

Telephone numbers can also be routed across a number of devices; you can be out of the office or working from home but the caller won’t need to know a different number to reach you, or even learn that you’re away from your desk.

Improved customer experience

Combined, the features of the system provide your staff with the tools to better manage and improve client relationships, with the possibility to increase client retention. In particular, the IVR call queuing and routing plans are very effective, as well as the high voice quality of calls and always being contactable with failsafe measures in place.

For more information, please see our Evonex product brochure.

How can you get access to Evonex?

To benefit from this system, the installation is quick and easy once your premises have been checked by our engineers. Installation can take place at a time to suit you that causes the least disruption to your workflow.

To make the most of the functionality, we will also install the best choice of handsets and train staff on how to use both the software and hardware. Most companies see a prompt increase in productivity and the reporting features frequently highlight areas of improvement.

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At Southern Comms we have a dedicated team and over 50 years’ experience in providing award winning telecoms solutions. We’re incredibly proud of Evonex and its exclusivity to us.

Call us today on 01256 391 046 to arrange a free telecoms review where we can create a bespoke solution based on your specific needs. As Evonex is a hosted telephony system suitable for all business sizes, it may be the ideal upgrade to enhance your communications.