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Video Conferencing – Are Businesses Utilising It?

Video Conference

An increasing number of telephone systems are offering video conferencing as a standard communications solution, at no extra cost. Whilst there are many benefits to businesses and their staff to using video conferencing, businesses tend to still favour audio calls or face-to-face meetings.

Discover the benefits of video conferencing and how utilising it can help your business save on costs, as well as reduce your carbon footprint.

Are businesses using video conferencing?

Whilst video conferencing is a useful tool and helps keep employees happy, a lot of companies still opt for old school face-to-face meetings.

However, in the past couple of years, it seems that businesses are starting to see the benefits in using video conferencing and statistics show that 87% more people are using video conferencing than two years ago. Statistics projected by Cisco show that over 80% of Internet traffic will be video by 2021 due to these rising trends.

With a lot of phone systems now offering video conferencing as part of the standard business package, utilising the features are extremely easy and cost effective for businesses.

Our Evonex hosted telephony solution comes with video and voice conferencing as standard, meaning you’re able to easily video call with team members and customers at no extra cost.

What is video conferencing?

Video conferencing, or video telephony, is a means by which users can communicate with each other using audio-visual technology from different locations, instead of face-to-face.

This allows users to see each other through a screen and speak and communicate with each other. More than one user can be added to video calls, so meetings can be held easily with users all around the world.

What to consider when organising a video conference

When organising a video conference, there are a few things to consider to ensure that the meeting runs smoothly and professionally:

  • If there are multiple participants from all over the world, arrange it at a time that is suitable for all timezones, or as appropriate as possible
  • Understand which devices users will be calling in on and give clear instructions on how to join the meeting from each device
  • Does everyone who is attending have good enough bandwidth, computer or signal? Bad connection can make for an unproductive and frustrating meeting

Benefits of video conferencing

There are a wealth of benefits for businesses that want to utilise video conferencing, as opposed to face-to-face or just audio meetings, these include:

Reduced costs and travel time

As staff aren’t having to travel far to get to meetings, you’re saving significantly on the cost of your staff’s time travelling to meetings, as well as expenses from actually travelling to get there, such as fuel and public transport tickets.

Whilst this may not seem like it would add up to a high cost, if you have several members of staff travelling to meetings from different places then this cost can quickly increase. Also if you frequently have meetings out of the office, over time the costs will start to add up.

With video conferencing, you’re able to easily speak to other users from the comfort of your offices, home or any building with a WiFi connection. This means there’s no need to travel and take time out of your day to get to the meeting.

Increased attendance

If attendees are from remote locations or even in different countries, then attending a meeting can be difficult and result in less people being available.

It also decreases the risk of people being stuck in traffic, or having public transportation cancelled so aren’t able to make it or are going to arrive late.

Employee satisfaction

Cloud solutions, such as telephone systems with video conferencing, offer employees the opportunity to work from home and not pay to commute to work, as they are able to easily contact the office and have meetings.

It also keeps workers happy and allows them to still feel part of the team when out of the office, as they are still able to have relationships and speak to and see team members easily.

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