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Greenham Business Park

Southern Communications enable Greenham Business Park to save clients money on telecoms whilst delivering improved customer service.

Greenham Business Park uses Southern Communications to provide the telecoms infrastructure for its serviced office accommodation, enabling approximately 60 start-up and small companies to move in and start operating from day one.

Greenham Business Park is a 150 acre sustainable business park in Newbury, Berkshire and offers a wide selection of commercial property in the M4 corridor. The business park provides cost effective office, industrial and warehouse space in a highly accessible location. Based on the site of the old Greenham Common Airbase, the park is being transformed from semiderelict military buildings to the state of-the-art facility that it is becoming and is currently about 50% developed from its beginnings in 1997.


The park is run as a charitable trust with any profits generated by the activity of the park being distributed among local good causes. This brings with it several challenges due to the level of scrutiny over how money is spent with the park unable except in exceptional circumstances to engage in speculative building, and only usually able to begin construction projects once an end occupier is found or where there is a high probability of prompt letting.

Telecoms Challenge

The whole purpose of the park’s serviced accommodation has always been to provide clients with a ‘complete solution’ – allowing them to concentrate on running their business. This way, if there was ever a problem with the telecoms service, the occupiers were secure in the knowledge that these would be sorted out by the park and the telecoms provider. However, from the early days, this element of the service has faced several issues. Initial problems with overloaded lines affected the call line quality Greenham Business Park were able to provide to clients. Lines were moved to another supplier but this led to a rapid deterioration in the service levels being provided to clients due to constant errors with billing and administration. Companies moving offices often caused unnecessary confusion, leading to incorrect bills and disconnections. It was time to seek an alternative supplier.

The Southern Communications Solution

Greenham Business Park Estate Manager, Paul Craggs explains his key criteria when looking for a new supplier. “Our main aim was to reduce the costs to our clients whilst receiving better information in terms of billing and call analysis.

“I had faith in their proactive attitude…confident that if I was to look elsewhere I wouldn’t be able to find a better deal”
Paul Craggs, Greenham Business Park

This is particularly important in maintaining and improving the level of customer service we provide to our clients when you consider that we are providing calls and lines to so many companies. The other driving factor was the desire to limit direct involvement with the company that owned the line infrastructure as this was the route of so many of the problems.”

Right from the initial discussions, it was clear that Southern Communications could provide the billing and reporting that was needed by supplying detailed, real-time information on all incoming and outgoing calls. This would save Greenham Business Park time and money in administration whilst enabling them to improve the service they provided to the occupants of the serviced office accommodation. Not only this, but by introducing per second billing and removing minimum call charges they were able to demonstrate significant cost savings on the calls and lines themselves.

However, it was the personal service and approach that Paul says gave Southern Communications the edge over the competition. “I had faith in their proactive attitude, and was confident that even if I was to look elsewhere I wouldn’t be able to find a better deal.”

The Benefits

Following the decision to switch provider to Southern Communications, Greenham Business Park has been able to pass on incredible savings to their clients of 30% on the costs of calls. In addition, the park has been able to realise dramatic improvements in the customer service to their clients thanks to the improved reporting and other specialist services offered by Southern Communications.

The result is a telecoms service that is flexible enough to cater for the varying demands of all of Greenham Business Park’s clients whilst satisfying the need to achieve best value for the Trust.

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