Achieve more from an upgraded telecoms system

We all like the idea of achieving more out of life. Whether it’s more for less money, more quality in our lives, or even achieving more out of our jobs. In a world of tight budgets and increased demand for businesses, telecoms may seem like an afterthought. However, upgrading this vital asset may surprise you. […]

The evolution of the mobile phone

Could you imagine a world where mobile phones never existed? Mobile phones, more specifically smartphones, have rapidly become a piece of technology that we have become dependent on over the past few years – assisting with everyday tasks whilst keeping us connected with whomever we wish to communicate with. It would be a strange thought […]

Becoming more connected with our customers

If you’re reading this article or have been on our social media in the previous weeks you may have noticed a change in the way Southern Communication looks. With the release of our new logo to a complete website facelift – we are thrilled to be evolving and constantly developing as a business! At Southern […]

International Technology Day 2022

Modern technology is designed to play a key role in the forefront of most businesses.

Super Deduction Tax

The Super-deduction tax scheme could give you 25% back on the cost of a new telephone system.

VoIP for Estate Agencies

Today’s fast-paced workload as an estate agent can be hard to keep up without the help of effective communication tools which is why many estate agents are replacing traditional ISDN services with VoIP solutions.

9 Ways to Improve your Home WiFi

Now more then ever we are relying on the best WI-FI performance.

Remote Working Guide: What You Need to Know

The world seems very different than it did in January.

Why you should upgrade your school phone system

In the current climate changing your telephone system may not be at the front of your mind but there are many reasons why now is a good time to upgrade your telephony.