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Cloud Services

When you host services with Southern Communications we ensure your data is secure, backed-up and managed by a highly experienced team of professionals who specialise in the operation of mission critical data centre environments.

data centreWe provide scalable robust solutions from a single U through to a full server farm, fully managed or part managed, should you require access to carry out your own upgrades and testing.

Each data centre has a core infrastructure that provides critical services such as power, light and cooling in a highly secure and managed environment where the hardware, software and high speed communication connections required to run customer websites, intranets, extra-nets and other e-commerce facilities is housed. Our data centres provide security and resilience far greater than can be achieved in a traditional comms room within an office environment.

Clear, concise and timely communication relies on resilience and security whether your data is simply being transmitted from one location to another or being stored in data centres to provide off-site back-up or anytime access for cloud based hosted solutions.

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Our Data Centres


Data Centre Newport Bristol London Slough
Certifications ISO9001
BS OHSAS 18001
Building Management Systems Maintaned and Managed  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Planned, Preventative Maintenance  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Inspection, monitoring and  maintenance of plant and infrastructure  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Physical security  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Fire Protection Dual stage N+1, VESDA  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Feeds – Separate dual feeds to each rank  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 UPS resilience  N+1  N+1  N+1  N+1
 N+1 Diesel generators with on-site fuel supply  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 N+1 Evaporative chilled water cooling system – refrigerant free  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Cross-resilient, actively monitored Cisco network infrastructure  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
High Capacilty 40/100GigE network  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
 Access to over 250+ UK service providers and carriers.  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Global Connections – L2 & IP transit to 600+ cities worldwide  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 24×7 actively monitored building-wide CCTV  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Data halls and suites with separate locked areas  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 99.999% Enterprise-Class Service Level Agreement  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Perimeter Security Security of the data centres is assured. Built within a secure compound each have ANPR Cameras and Pan, Tilt and Zoom Cameras.
Access Multi layered security controls which include biometrics, CCTV monitoring and prior security clearance, ensure access only to authorised personnel only.
Data floor access Data Floors require further authorisation through a combination of photographic, PIN and card authorisation.


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