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Evonex – Hosted Telephony

A unique hosted telephony solution that puts you in control

Evonex is a leading hosted telephony phone system that delivers all the features you need to keep in touch with your clients, customers and staff.


Evonex phone systems

When you choose Evonex, you benefit from an easy to use, super reliable cloud phone system that makes communication efficient and helps to improve productivity in the workplace.

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Top features include:

  • Manage contacts with ease
  • Choose to call, IM or email a contact
  • Improve customer experience with IVR call queuing and routing plans
  • Use Presence to see who is currently contactable

The Evonex phone system operates in the cloud, rather than physically in your office space, so you save on costly maintenance and upgrades, while utilising a huge range of advanced features.


Why Evonex?

Cost effective

Quick and easy to install, with no capital outlay, the Evonex Phone System provides all the functionality of a traditional telephone system with advanced features that make communicating with your staff, customers and suppliers easy and efficient.



Instant messaging, presence and click to call features enable you to instantly see who is available and connect with them, while hunt groups and wallboards help you manage and monitor your inbound calls and group communications.


Monitor team activity

The easy to use portal enables company administrators and site administrators to view team activity and make real-time changes. Users can quickly and easily access standard features such as call forwarding, busy and much more.

The features and level of control given to site administrators and individuals can be managed from the portal:

  • Instant messaging and presence
  • Video and Voice conferencing
  • Integrate your phone and desktop
  • Inclusive calls

Choice of handsets

Once you’ve chosen Evonex, you benefit from a range of feature-rich handsets that allow you to get the best results from the technology.

We can advise on the handsets and headsets to suit every requirement including; headset users, conference rooms, reception or boardrooms. You can see our range of Evonex handsets here.


Simple Licencing Structure

Unlike many hosted telephony platforms, with Evonex have a very clear licence structure, so you know exactly what you are getting, with just one licence for all standard telephony features  and the option to add advanced applications for specific environments that want more from their telephony.


Evonex Reporting Module


Our reporting module provides you with comprehensive statistical reporting at call group and individual DDI level, with informative charts and graphs that can be downloaded and printed.


From the report menu on the left hand side you can navigate between inbound and outbound call traffic, with pre-defined activity reports that can be easily filtered. The reports can be especially usefully to monitor how traffic is distributed around remote call groups, who answers the most calls, including time on the phone and time spent on DND.

Activity Reports

Activity reports provide information on Call Ratios, Call Handling and Queue information. Receive time of day analysis to see when calls are unanswered, abandoned or experiencing longer wait times.


Itemised call detail can be filtered by date, time, user and call groups.  These can also be filtered to show answered and abandoned calls, answer, wait and talk time. Where you have users answering calls for multiple groups the reports show how many calls the users answered for each group.


Is hosted telephony right for you?

If you are not sure if hosted is right for your business Download our Buyer’s Guide to Hosted Phone Systems or contact our sales team.


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