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Evonex Advanced Applications

The Evonex applications work alongside your desk phone and portals to make it easy for you to manage your telephony

Desktop applications and portals make it easy for you to manage contacts, retrieve call data, view wallboards and more.

Auto Attendant

Auto attendant is an effective voice menu system that transfers callers without taking up the time of a telephone operator. An auto attendant will help your callers get to the right destination with option choices at each step of the way, Auto attendants can be used independently or alongside call queuing and hunt groups.

Call Queuing

Call queuing ensures you never miss a call. Evonex Call Queuing enables you to queue up to 50 calls in the cloud, so you are no longer restricted by the number of voice channels into your office building.  Personalised greeting can be recorded, music played and comfort messages played to callers. Queue lengths can be predefined and to prevent callers queuing for too long rules can be set on how to treat a call that reaches the maximum queue length including; send to voicemail, route to another number

DDI Hunt Group

A DDI Hunt group enables you to provide a number to the outside world that, when called, delivers the calls to a pre-selected group of employees to ensure the call is not missed.  Calls can be delivered on simultaneous and circular routing plans.

Call Recording

Call records are safely stored and can be accessed, downloaded and played back via the on-line portal.  To protect the integrity of your data, access to call records is set by the system administrator.

CRM Integration

Save time and improve efficiency with CRM integration, with click to call and screen popping.


Wallboards can be accessed on plasma or LCD screens allowing group members to monitor and respond to performance issues

Inbound and outbound call overview

  • Ring duration
  • Answered calls
  • Missed calls
  • Number of calls
  • Calls in Queue
  • Performance as a group and by individual

Instant access to view the number of calls received, answered and unanswered provides essential information to help make important decisions and manage staff levels.