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ADSL Broadband for Small Businesses

ADSL Broadband provides cost effective entry level internet access for online services.

Southern Communications ADSL broadband internet connections are delivered over copper circuits and provide cost effective connections for businesses who have a low reliance on the internet.

We offer unlimited usage to enable easy budgeting and eliminate unexpected over usage costs. An ideal entry level product ADSL broadband offers speeds of up to 24Mpbs download and 8Mbps upload.


Line speed 24mbps. Delivery copper


ADSL is a contended service which means the service is shared with other users in your business and the local area, causing slower connections at busy times. For this reason ADSL broadband is not recommended for VoIP and Streaming services, as these can be seriously affected resulting in poor speech quality and buffering.

ADSL Broadband Flow diagram




Best performance from an ADSL service is obtained by those nearest to the exchange.


ADSL distance v performance


The diagram below shows how speeds are maintained in FTTC circuits compared to ADSL circuits as a result of these speeds not being affected until pas the local cabinet.


ADSL and FTTC distance v performance


Businesses looking for faster speeds for VoIP, streaming and downloading larger files should consider FTTC  or FTTP and those dependant on the internet should consider our ethernet products Leased Lines, EFM, GEA and EoFTTC that come with Service Level Agreements and guaranteed fix times.


Southern Communications are committed to providing the best connectivity and will discuss the needs of your business and the services available in your area and make recommendations to provide you with cost effective, future proof connections.

Fibre Broadband

Connect faster with FTTC and FTTP connections



Secure,high bandwidth connectivity with built in SLAs


SIP Trunks

Cost effective, flexible and resilient voice connections