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Broadband Protect

Keep connected with Broadband Protect

Broadband Protect from Southern Communications provides the ultimate in failover protection for your broadband service, keeping you connecting when fibre and copper based services can’t.

There is nothing more frustrating than loosing broadband connectivity whether at home or in the office and often smaller broadband circuits do not come with the SLAs offered with more robust ethernet connections.

Typically a standard broadband circuit will have come with a ‘best efforts’ SLA to get a broken circuit up and running.

Loss of connectivity causes disruption and frustration and for business owners and staff working at home the effects can be catastrophic leading to missed calls and loss of business.

Broadband Protect

Southern Communications’  Broadband Protect minimalises disruption, with a choice of service levels, from extended warranties through to fully automated 4G SIM backup.

24x7x365 failover

SIM backup provides 24x7x365 failover.  Traffic is automatically switched to a mobile network, selecting the provider with the strongest signal for maximum performance and connects you using the same static IP address as your router.

Prioritise business critical activity

Prioritise business critical activity such as cloud based CRM with pre-set rules, once the failover is activated, to keep you connected to your customers.


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The reliance on continuous connectivity to be able to join on line meetings and use cloud based applications has never been stronger, as remote working grows. Make sure your business stays connected with Broadband Protect.