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Ethernet over FTTC (EoFTTC)

EoFTTC for faster broadband without the cost of Leased Lines and Managed Internet Services.

Ethernet over FTTC provides faster speeds that broadband without the costs associated with Leased Lines and Managed Internet Services (MIA).

EoFTTC is distant reliant, although only from the local fibre cabinet and is ideal for businesses that require permanent, secure internet connections to run real time applications including VoIP, Video Conferencing and Data Streaming.

Fast and reliable EoFTTC comes with guaranteed symmetrical speeds of up to 20Mbps and Service Level Agreements.


Line speed - 80mbps burstable. Delivery - copper and fibre. Guarantee - SLA


EoFTTC uses the existing copper infrastructure between the customer’s premises and the cabinet and then fibre from the cabinet to the exchange. However, unlike FTTC the traffic then passes onto an Ethernet network rather than the standard broadband network to provide faster speeds and greater reliability.

FTTC flow diagramEoFTTC is the ideal alternative where EFM or GEA are not available and provides a cost-effective alternative to Ethernet leased lines

For complete peace of mind, EoFTTC is supported by a comprehensive SLAs, a choice of back up connectivity options and provides a guaranteed 8 business hour return to service in the event of a circuit failure.



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