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FTTP Broadband (Fibre to the Premises)

FTTP uses the latest fibre technology to deliver your service from the exchange, to the cabinet and onto your premises.

FTTP uses fibre from your premises right through to the core network which delivers a more stable and faster service than FTTC. As with copper based broadband, fibre based FTTC and FTTP services are contended, with no SLAs or fix time guarantees. However, the increased speeds available are attractive to many customers in areas where the service can be received.


Line speed 330mbps. Delivery fibre.

Fibre (FTTC and FTTP) broadband offers faster speeds than standard cooper connections and are rapidly being rolled our across the UK, with BT delivering fibre services to over 80% of the premises in the UK and the target of 95% coverage by 2017 looking feasible.

FTTP flow diagram



As availability is limited, services are contended and there are no SLAs or guaranteed fix times for this service many business consider ethernet services.



Southern Communications are committed to providing the best connectivity for your business. We offer unlimited packages enable easy budgeting and eliminate unexpected over usage costs and our consultants will discuss the needs of your business and the services available in your area and make recommendations to provide you with a cost effective, future proof connections.

ADSL Broadband

Business broadband for cost effective internet connectivity.



Secure, high bandwidth connectivity with built in SLAs.


SIP Trunks

Cost effective, flexible and resilient voice connections.