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Fast speeds and SLA's for less than the cost of a leased line

GPON from Southern Communications gives businesses broadband speeds of up to 1GB with a better SLA than fibre and cooper based services.

Circuits are now being rolled out across the UK to give users the fastest broadband speeds and SLA’s that have previously only been associated with Leased Lines and more expensive connections.


  • 1GB download
  • 300Mb uploads

Businesses are increasingly relying on cloud computing and remote solutions need an Internet connection that supports their growing bandwidth requirements.

GPON provides businesses with an efficient and reliable service, even in the near impossible event that all of the connections are used at their maximum, simultaneously  The user experience is not compromised and there are not the  bottlenecks experienced on broadband circuits

Why choose GPON?

  • Growing availability across UK cities
  • Superfast speeds
  • Suitable for running multiple cloud based applications
  • Better SLAs than Broadband
  • Cheaper than a Leased Line
  • Unlimited usage

GPON is a full fibre service which makes it less susceptible, than those relying on  a mix of connectivity types, to the effects of bad weather, is unaffected by electrical interference and experiences fewer incidences of theft.

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