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Leased Lines (Ethernet Circuits)

Leased Lines provide dedicated, uncontended, fully synchronous, high speed connections.

Leased Lines from Southern Communications allow you to extend your computer networks and telephony systems as part of a corporate business communications structure to connect sites, connect sites to the internet or as part of an MPLS/PWAN.

Leased Lines (Ethernet Circuits) provide between 100MB and 10GB with a distance of up to 45km between end points (EAD – Ethernet Access Direct) and up to 10Gb with no limit on distance (OSA – Optical Spectrum Access) which is available across the UK.


Line speed - 10Gbps. Delivery - ethernet. Guarantee - SLA


Often used as a generic term to refer to data circuits, Leased Lines can also be used to describe EFMGEA, EoFTTC and MIA circuits, which deliver Ethernet speeds over standard copper and fibre infrastructure.

Fibre Ethernet products are highly reliable, resilient with Service Level Agreements and typically a 4 hour fix time.


Although highly reliable and secure, Ethernet Circuits will take a longer time to install than other data circuits.  Typically installation takes around 60-90 working days.  These timescales assume there are no delivery, cabling or ducting issues in the area, which can result in further delays, as a cable literally has to be installed through existing ducting from the local point of presence of the ISP into your premises.

If there are collapsed ducts, or indeed there are no ducts in place, the road needs to be closed to install them which can often double or even treble the installation timescales and the extra work will be chargeable.

Ethernet Sizes

Prices of Ethernet Circuits are dependent on which carrier has the closest POP (Point of Presence) and how far that is away from your premises.

Ethernet Sizes

The largest part of the cost is installing the bearer and therefore a 100Mb bearer as a minimum makes commercial sense.

Built in Service Level Agreements, a choice of back up connections and fix time guarantees make leased lines the most secure and reliable connections.

Leased Lines Flow DiagramLeased Lines and MIA are available across the UK and in some areas  EFM, GEA and EoFTTC can offer a cost effective alternative.



Our team of specialist can advise on the services available to your business and will make recommendations based on our location and future business plans to help you get the right connections for your business.

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