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Managed Internet Access (MIA)

MIA for scalable, dedicated and uncontended internet connections.

Managed Internet Access connections are exclusive to your organisation and provide the same speed in both directions. Similar to leased lines, which provide a connection between two premises, MIA Connections are delivered over Ethernet. MIA is a dedicated connection between your premises and the internet, providing the ideal basis for high grade internet connectivity.

Speeds available range from 20Mbps (often referred to as MIA Lite) to a huge high 1Gbps capacity. They offer the freedom and flexibility to grow and future-proof your systems.


Line speed 1Gbps. Delivery ethernet. Guarantee SLA.

The performance is monitored and managed 24/7, backed by the reassurance of a business class SLAs, means that you don’t have to worry, especially as we offer options to keep you network safe and secure with our robust firewall products.

Managed Internet Access Flow diagram.

Managed Internet Access is provided over a dedicated Ethernet circuit from your premises to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Unlike contended broadband circuits which suffer from reduced performance due to sharing that takes place within the network, MIA provides an uncontended service that is not shared with other users, to give guaranteed bandwidth.

In areas where EFMGEA and EoFTTC are available these services deliver the speeds offered by Ethernet over fibre and copper pairs and can provide cost effective alternative to a dedicated Ethernet circuit for Managed Internet Access.



Southern Communications are committed to providing the best connectivity for your business. Our consultants will discuss the needs of your business and the services available in your area and make recommendations to provide you with a cost effective, future proof connections.


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