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Scalable, private, connections between your offices and beyond into the internet

What does an MPLS / SDWAN  do?

MPLS and SDWANs provides a secure, scalable and private network to connect multiple premises and home workers.


A Software Defined WAN (SDWAN) creates a private cloud with data circuits between each site, connecting each site. The SDWAN is connected to the internet with your secure breakout.  The SDWAN software, security and connections are manged through the internet, giving great flexibility and resilience than an on traditional hardwired WAN.


Different to an SDWAN an MPLS WAN has secure physical connections between each site. The on-premise hardware and switching equipment can be managed remotely, depending on the connection taken and unlike a SDWAN, where being cloud based, additional bandwith can be easily added and configurations easily updated, with the MPLS the service is dependent on the  limitations of the connection.

A bit like a giant LAN and WAN connects multiple sites and only allows data traffic to route between these sites.

MPLS diagram

Traffic is tagged with an identifier (a label) to distinguish the route to send the traffic, i.e. to which site. When a packet is received, the router uses this label called Layered Switched Path (LSP) and sometimes also the link over which it was received, to identify the route. It then looks up the LSP in its own forwarding table to determine the best link over which to forward the packet and the label to use on this next hop.

A different label is used for each hop which is chosen by the router or switch performing the forwarding operation. This allows the use of very fast and simple forwarding engines, which are often implemented in hardware.

Ingress routers at the edge of the WAN classify each packet potentially using a range of attributes, not just the packet’s destination address, to determine which LSP to use. Inside the network, the MPLS routers use only the LSP labels to forward the packet to the egress router

An WAN will generally use a mix data circuits, depending on the requirements of each site, from an ADSL to Fibre Ethernet and our team of experts have will help you design your WAN with the right connections for each site, dependent on the usage requirements.

To ensure the on-going benefit of your MPLS/PWAN we provide fully managed network connections, firewalls, routers and offer co-location and data centre hosting services in our UK data centres to secure your servers and applications.



Southern Communications are committed to providing the best connectivity for your business.  Our consultants will discuss the needs of your business and the services available in your area and make recommendations to provide you with a cost effective, future proof connections.