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Core Network

Built to deliver high quality resilient voice and data services to our customers, our Tier 2 ISP network is commercially flexible to deliver the Broadband and Ethernet services you require as individual connections, part of an MPLS, VPN or as a Managed Internet Service.



  • Tier 2 MPLS Network
  • 900 Peering Connections
  • IPV6 Compatibility
  • Tier 3/3+ Data Centres with Co Location availability
  • 99.999% SLA
  • Scalable, Flexible, Secure


The network is safe, secure and highly resilient to ensure swift, secure transport of your business critical IP traffic. Using the best Cisco network equipment and Cisco-driven Gigabit Ethernet Multi-Service Interconnect Links (MSILs) at all nodes the network stretches from Glasgow and Edinburgh to multiple London locations, into Amsterdam (AMSIX& NL-ix) and Frankfurt (DE-CIX) and across the globe.

Every one of the key ‘Aggregation Points’ that form BT’s 21st Century Network is included, as well as LLU exchanges within the UK and resilient interconnects from multiple carrier partners at up to 10Gbps capacity. Connection to 38 MPLS nodes throughout the UK, 35 nodes means there is no need for heavy investment in your own infrastructure to receive exceptional coverage.

Quality of service is ensured with continual 24/7 monitoring and support from our Network Operations Centre, UK based technical support teams and custom built in-house management facilities.

Data Centre Services

We provide exceptional coverage that is totally resilient, with the traffic able to be routed alternative directions simultaneously. The network is future proofed with IPV6 capability and connects to multiple highly secure, managed tier 3/tier 3+ data centres which provide the critical services required to the house the hardware, connections, data storage and back-up services required by businesses today.

Each Data Centre is a secure managed environment with power, light and temperature control, built-in disaster recovery, data back-up routines and 24×7 monitoring and support for safe storage of our customers data and cloud based solutions

Co Location Services from single U to a full server farm are available to our customers, with secure access and project areas for authorised staff members with peace of mind that full 24/7 support and monitoring by our on site staff is a constant.

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