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Laser and Radio Links

Laser and radio links provide a line-of-sight technology

Laser and radio links from Southern Communications are perfect for linking multiple environments where it is not possible or is too expensive to lay fibre between the buildings.

Laser Links

Laser links provide data, voice and video communications between sites, without the need for fibre-optic cable or wireless spectrum licenses.

geodesy laser link

Laser links have no license and offer high bandwidth that is highly reliable and secure.

The technology of laser links is relatively simple. It’s based on connectivity between units, each consisting of an optical transceiver with a laser transmitter and a receiver to provide full duplex (bi-directional) capability.

Each unit uses a high-power optical source (i.e. laser), plus a lens that transmits light through the atmosphere to another lens receiving the information.

Radio and Wireless Networking

Radio and wireless data networking is suitable for short-haul multi-site applications.

Protocol independent, Radio and WiFi are protocol independent which means there is no  restriction on the services and data that can be carried and can offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for sites with multiple buildings.

We provide first class service and advice and will recommend the best service for your environment, based on the type of data you want to transmit and the location of your premises.

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Fibre Optics

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Music & PA

Enhance your environment with background music and messaging.


Office Cabling

Cat 5/6 structured cabling for office moves and relocations