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Hosted SIP & VoIP

Hosted SIP & VoIP SIP Tips

SIP Hosting or IP Centrex

Hosted SIP is the VoIP version of BT’s original analogue based Centrex, which is also known as BT Featurelines. Businesses benefit from the features of a phone system without the need for a phone system within the business location, much like SCLCLoud Centrex offers today.

With Featurelines every telephone has a dedicated phone line (or Featurelines) connected to the local network exchange. Each line has it’s own number and the local telecoms exchange acts as the telephone system. Featureline never match the functionality of private business phone systems, as they usually depend on analogue lines and phones, however they are an ideal solution for businesses with a small number of telephones, or for organisations with many small branches.

How Hosted SIP works and what you need

As with SIP Trunks, you’ll need a dedicated high-quality broadband or leased line connection, dedicated to voice. Avoid hosted providers who say you can share the voice and data traffic on a single broadband connection. Your IP hosting provider will have a huge VoIP system running in a data centre, probably in London. VoIP telephones are deployed within your business, communicating with the “mothership” system remotely via your broadband and the internet. The main remote phone system will have a number of telephony features available (eg. voicemail, hunt groups) which you switch on according to your telephony needs.

Hosted SIP Costs

SIP Trunks can be provided to be used within an existing data connection for which you can expect to pay for;

  • Monthly Rental
  • Calls (some providers may include some FREE Calls.  Ask about our range of FREE CALL PACKAGES)
  • Installation and configuration

Fully hosted SIP Telephony Solution requirements

For a fully hosted SIP Solution, you will require the following. At Southern Communication we can help with all aspects of supply and installation.

Voice broadband installation and rental

This is for the telephone host line and VoIP broadband service

Initial configuration / admin / set-up fees for the hosted service

These vary wildly and you need to be careful that all costs are transparent to you. Sometimes these costs are hidden in the small print.


You rent each telephone on a monthly basis. You also rent additional features, eg. voicemail boxes. So if your requirements are basic, SIP hosting can be cheap.

Phone calls

Some services, including those from Southern Communications offer FREE calls. However you should always check the small print to see exactly which calls are included as FREE, as well as which destinations and if there are any time/ call restrictions.

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