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Moving Office with SIP Trunking

Relocating with SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks can make office moves run more smoothly for your business and your clients. With SIP Trunks, you can set-up a variety of call diverts and on brand phone messaging so your customers won’t be affected by your move.

SIP – Making moving easier

“Beep beep beep. The number has been changed to…” Options used to be restrictive for phone numbers when relocating. SIP technology brings additional network-based telephony features that become very useful for businesses who are relocating or moving premises.

SIP Trunks at your new site

It’s likely that you will be installing a new SIP-compatible phone system or equipment at your new site. Adding SIP trunks to the arrangement will allow you to divert calls on your old number(s) straight to your new location via the internet, and handle them in the same way as before without your customers knowing.

SIP Diverts

Entire number ranges can be imported to our network and dealt with in a bespoke manner. Previously, larger businesses with large number ranges had hugely expensive and restricted “announcement only” arrangements. Now, the whole number ranges can be imported to our network and redirected via SIP trunks and/or have automated messages, or be directed over the public telecoms networks, with each service arranged on an individual phone number basis.

If you’re looking to install SIP Trunks, view our prices and the pros and cons to better inform your decision.

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