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SIP Pros and Cons

The benefits and main considerations

When choosing to install a SIP system in your business, it is essential to consider both the pros and “cons” of such an upgrade.


Throughout any installation process, Southern Communications can advise on the best software, hardware and installation schedule to minimise disruption to your business.

SIP Pros

  • Mobility for the workforce
  • Hot desking multi-site corporate functionality
  • Centralised operations
  • Flexible options for business relocation and number redirects
  • Easy IT-based management and configuration
  • Ongoing line rental is cheaper than analogue and ISDN SIP trunks have digital ISDN functionality
  • The uptake of SIP trunks is rapidly increasing
  • Porting to and from SIP and transferring numbers from one provider to another is becoming increasingly easy

SIP “Cons”

  • Choose your provider carefully as quality of SIP calls is not guaranteed over the internet and the right grade of connectivity is most important
  • Low quality copper Broadband circuits are not yet good enough for business calls
  • Break-out calls to mobiles and landlines are higher than traditionally routed phone calls, sometimes double the cost
  • SIP providers not subject to “open market” and can set call tariffs without risk or regulation, meaning you cannot “shop around” for alternative providers
  • Lack of suitable internal infrastructure and understanding of SIP can result in IT departments making infrastructure changes, firewalls updates and router changes that can block SIP traffic. The risk of this can be reduced when your SIP trunks are provided with a fully managed router, from your SIP provider.

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