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SIP Trunks Pricing

What does SIP Trunking Cost?

SIP Price Guide

We offer number of packages for SIP trunks, most of which include free calls and extra discounts when you run them across a data circuit from Southern Communications.  Contact us

SIP Trunking provides delivers high quality voice  over your data connection. To find out exactly why you should upgrade to SIP, read our guide here.

Additional services supported by SIP include:

  • Port your number
  • Port your DDI’s
  • Call recording
  • Caller line identification (CLIP)
  • Voicesafe
  • Business continuity

Are you SIP Compatible?

To run your calls through SIP your PBX will need to be SIP enabled. Our support team are able to advise on whether your PBX is SIP enabled and offer advice and recommendations on the best way to enable this.

Where a system upgrade is required Southern Communications ISDN Replacement Service  may be just what you need.  Southern Communications ISDN replacement service is a cost effective alternative to upgrading your telephone system to enable you to benefit from SIP.

Extra protection with Southern Communications

VoiceSafe and Business Continuity services are unique to Southern Communications. VoiceSafe protects our customers from costs incurred as a result of ever increasing telephony fraud and business continuity helps ensure there is no disruption to your service in the event of a disruption to your environment, such as loss of lines, fire or flood.

Need a SIP solution for your business or want to discuss VoiceSafe or Business Continuity services?

Use our easy SIP enquiry form, call us or email sales@southern-comms.co.uk.


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