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SIP vs H323

SIP vs H323 The Orginal VOIP Protocol

Limited functionality with H323 & VoIP

H323 was the original VoIP protocol used to establish calls between VoIP systems and devices. It is a simple service that is literally delivers VOICE over IP. Apart from call set-up, there are no additional costs and most telephony features supported, such as caller ID or hold and transfer. The functionality you get is therefore less than a standard analogue phone line.

The phone system manufacturers got around this by each producing their own modified versions of H323 with varying levels of integrated functions.

The best ones (eg. NEC, Avaya & Splicecom) allowed for centralised operators, centralised voicemail, hot desking and much more. However, as soon as you tried to connect two different phone systems, or try to use third-party VOIP phones, the shared functionality would revert to standard H323 and prove quite restrictive.

Introducing SIP

On the other hand, SIP has a larger number of standard functions over and above “call set-up”, which means the amount of integration between devices is better.

The amount of functionality achievable is therefore down to the development of the devices you’re using. SIP is also under constant review and development, so there’s lots more to come in the future.

Everything you need to know about SIP is provided in our SIP Trunking Guide.

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