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Data Leakage Protection

Protect your sensitive data and ensure it doesn’t leave the network with a single policy.

Employees work across many devices, connecting to multiple networks and cloud applications, which makes it ever more difficult to manage and protect your data.

Data leakage protection solutions from Southern Communications use incident workflows to help identify the riskiest users and isolate problems quicker.  Data is protected and, when it does need to leave the organisation, is encrypted.

  • Gain Visibility and control form a single console
  • Ensure regulatory compliance across multiple countries
  • Create and enforce policies for data access and movement
  • Optical character recognition extracts data from images

Whether intentional or accidental data  leakage can have a catastrophic effect on a business, as is often reported by the media.

Data Leakage Protection makes sure that users do not send sensitive or critical information outside of the corporate network.

Our solutions use business rules to classify information, user permissions to control how data can be shared and monitor end points and data streams to identify potential risks, so you don’t need to.

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