Communications Solutions
for Construction

Our comprehensive communication tool kits combines your voice, data, mobile and cloud requirements, in a secure environment, that has been carefully designed to meet the needs of your construction project.

Be More In Control in a Changing Landscape

Simplify your communications with tailored, flexible and cost effective solutions to match the scope of any development. Enabling projects to proceed unhindered, underpinned by robust and predictable infrastructure. We deliver;

  • Resilient and secure connectivity and quickly
  • Unified telephony combining landline and mobile technologies
  • Industry leading customer support

Our consultants will work with you establish your needs and model a solution that will match these and deliver peace of mind.

“The construction industry is really quite diverse and we have experience in rapid deployment solutions onto both green and brown sites. It’s about identifying the solutions that support the need for building management and the plethora of management systems that require access, but are running on legacy systems, such as: lift lines, alarm lines, and plant lines. There really is a broad scope in terms of how we can engage with the construction industry and meaningfully add value.”

Mark Sensier
MD for Southern Communications Corporate

Digital Transformation for the Construction Industry

The changing landscape of the communications market means the construction industry is going to have to make changes, as copper and ISDN services are retired and upgraded to a fibre network, to deliver a fully fibre telecoms network.

With over 50 years experience of delivering communication solutions, Southern Communications can provide the expertise you need to understand these changes and how to adopt them with minimal disruption and minimal cost.

Rapid Site Deployment

The construction industry has been beset by one particular challenge for years; how to deploy connectivity to a new site quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable price point?

Our SMART-Hub solution has been co-designed with key construction industry contacts, delivering a fully managed approach to site connectivity.

Joint Ventures

The joint venture has become common place driven by market forces enabling smaller operators to combine and bid on projects that were formally out of scope due to their risk profile.

We provide the complete approach to joint venture infrastructure, combining a wealth of services including Managed Connectivity, Private Cloud Hosting, bespoke Security Solutions.

Policy and Legislation

Delivering communications to construction sites can be challenging, equipment that complies to Health and Safety policy and meets the requirements of Cyber Security and Data Protection policies, needs to be deployed quickly, often where access can be restricted.

Before implementing any solution we first check these requirements, to build a compliant solution and assign a team with the required security clearance, for your project.

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