SMART-Hub: A robust data connection that can be quickly deployed.

Plug and play

SMART-Hub provides a plug and play solution that can be rapidly deployed, making it ideal for temporary offices, construction sites and to cover the gap between moving premises and getting a physical connection.

As a simple plug and play solution, the SMART-Hub offers diverse 3G/4G connections and built-in security, delivering a business grade service for your LAN and internet connectivity.

Fully manged and supported

SMART-Hub comes with 2 4G SIMS on different networks with a 10GB per month data subscription as standard, a WiFi access point and 24port PoE switch which enables connectivity of up to 20 devices including laptops, printers and hosted telephony.

3G/4G connectivity is available immediately on installation and an ADSL circuit can be added to boost capacity. The two 4G connections are dynamically load balanced so there is no need to attach users or equipment to specific connections.

All the power you need

The device contains a 6-way power distribution unit with UPS (uninterrupted power supply) and is fully managed by our team using a remote management tool, to monitor performance and manage upload speeds for maximum performance.

Alongside this, continually improving mobile and data connectivity Alongside this whilst continually improving, mobile data connectivity remains a moving feast with unpredictable performance adding a further obstacle to its use a viable business tool. Whether the signal is impeded by the working environment, with metal-lined cabins presenting a Faraday cage, or the local usage is saturated either constantly or from time to time, all of this adds a further headache to delivering a solution that is fit for purpose.

Peace of mind – security first

Security is applied to the connections and the built-in firewall enables traffic priorities and security policies to be applied to provide protection for your business and ensure your most important content doesn’t get held up by less important and social activity. Southern Communications will deliver to site and ensure connectivity.

Southern Communications will deliver to site and ensure connectivity.

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