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Hosted telephony installation requirements

What is required to benefit from hosted telephony or VoIP?

As long as Internet access is possible at your location, VoIP can be installed.

No matter your current setup, hosted telephony can be provided for your business by creating a telecoms environment including:

  • Suitable bandwidth
  • User Licences
  • Connected handsets – IP handsets or softphones (with screens)

The process involves understanding your requirements of the system, such as number of users, typical call traffic, number of sites and integration of mobile devices. This is all assessed once you get in touch to enquire about upgrading, at which point specific recommendations can be made for your business.

Small businesses would benefit from allowing remote or mobile staff members to work from wherever they want (as long as they have Internet access or a mobile phone).

Hosted telephony is charged on a monthly basis and is directly associated with the number of handsets in operation. This can be reviewed at any stage and users easily added.

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Whatever your business need, Southern Communications has the experience and know-how to help make it more efficient and optimised so that you can achieve greater heights.

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