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How to set up a conference call

Step by Step Guide to setting up a Conference Call

Conference calls are quick, easy and free to set up.

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Step 1
Decide on an entry code for your attendees to use when they arrive.

The code has to be numeric, and between 6 and 20 digits long (eg. 111222).

Step 2
Decide on a date and time for your conference

Step 3
Give your attendees the following information:

  • Conference date and time
  • The Entry Code (see step 1)
  • The number to call – 0871 222 0110

Step 4

At the time of the conference start, all attendees dial 0871 222 0110 and enter their codes.

Step 5

When finished, just hang up.

Attendees can exit and re-join the conference at any time.

Participants will pay for the calls to the conference number at the rates agreed with their providers.

If you need additional telecoms call, lines or number services or simply need more information on our conferencing service, please call 01256 391 110 or email us.