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Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Utilising mixture of on site and cloud solutions for your business

What are hybrid cloud solutions?

Southern Communications hybrid cloud solutions allow your business to keep your business systems both in the cloud and onsite whilst managing data and applications to be shared between both.

The benefits include

  • Manage resources based on usage
  • Business continuity during downtime
  • Combine the benefits of internal and external systems
  • Improve connectivity between applications
  • Guarantee bandwidth between on-premise and cloud solutions
  • Cost efficient; you only pay for what is needed

Is this solution right for your business?

When businesses consider moving to the cloud, they may believe that it requires all services need to be migrated.

However, this isn’t always the case; some elements can be moved to a mixture of private and public cloud spaces, and some can stay where they are, if this is where they work best.

Our specialist teams will help create hybrid cloud solutions that connect your public and private cloud environments to run seamlessly, either as part of a single cloud migration or as part of a longer term migration project.

What should migrate to the cloud from on site?

Our specialist team are highly skilled at determining what to put in the cloud and what is best kept on site. Our process makes it a lot simpler than it might otherwise be, as making the final decisions can be difficult. By streamlining service locations to be efficient and strategic you can make the most of hybrid cloud solutions.

A common issue we see when these decisions are not so clearly defined or considered are reduced operation efficiencies and gaps in security.

Achieve more

At Southern Communications we can help you make informed decisions about which workloads to move and when to move them, to protect from unnecessary risks and expenditure.  Real-time data and analytics enable informed choices, eliminate guesswork and model future requirements to make better decisions on the right platform for your workloads.

Our project teams ensure a safe, reliable transition without unexpected downtime. Once migrated our ongoing monitoring, management and support keeps your environment safe.

Be in control

Our fully managed service comes with dashboards which give you visibility of your environment and control to make changes.

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