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Business Calls

Best Rates, High Quality Calls with Free Online billing

Business Calls – UK’s Best Rates

Southern Communications responsible for connecting over 10 million business calls every month. This call volume gives us access to the best phone call rates in the UK, providing high-quality Tier-1 business communications at rates competitive with smaller low-quality call providers.

Reasons to choose Southern Communications

  • Free Calls
  • Tier-1 Call Quality
  • Direct access to the UK’s Tier-1 business call networks, we give your business reliable, high-quality call connections at the lowest rates.
  • No Minimum Call or Connection fees
  • No set-up fees – even if your call lasts for just a few seconds.

Regular Reviews

We review your tariff and call rates, reducing them in line with telecoms market trends, regardless of your contract length with us. You are never paying out-of-date rates for your business communications.call_rate_reviews

Cheapest Call Rates

We get the best rates available from the UK business call networks and pass the savings straight to you through our exceptional pence per minute call rate and inclusive call packages.

We combine our buying power for calls and lines services with a superb range of business phone systems and telecoms services to give small businesses genuinely low business communication costs.

Small businesses do not have to pay over-priced rates for calls, simply because they don’t make as many calls as larger firms.

  • SMEs benefit from the UK’s best business call rates, with tailored packages and call tariffs designed to suit your business. Call rates will be lower than what you are currently paying.
    Start saving and reduce your telecoms bill without the headache of a lengthy call contract.
  • Coroporate and Multi site businesses benefit from specially discounted rates for bulk usage, and enjoy simpler centralized communications billing services for easier business telecoms management.
    Free business telecoms services such as 0845, 0800 and 0844 numbers all complement larger marketing strategies for corporate business telecoms.
  • With zero set-up costs and no minimum call charges, we make sure you only pay for the time that your calls are connected.
    A perfect example of a Southern Communication business call bill is that you pay the same rate, regardless of the phone call duration.Typical example of a  bill showing set-up fees and minimum call charges. minimum_call_charges The actual call rates vary wildly and don’t reflect “quoted” call rates at all.
    Watch out for call set-up costs and minimum call charges. “Quoted” call rates can become inflated by huge margins, meaning that you pay unfairly inflated charges for your business calls. These increase your phone bills considerably and can easily be avoided.
  • You only pay for the exact amount of time that your calls are connected. Genuine 3-digit billing gives you real per-second billing and guaranteed accuracy of business phone bills.
    The advantage of 3-digit billing is that you are only billed for the time your business calls are connected.
    Other providers, particularly with older telecoms contracts, use 2-digit billing meaning rates that may seem low are actually rounded up most of the time. 3 digit billing If you have 2-digit billing, what originally appears as an attractive rate of 1p per minute, actually means 1p for any call lasting up to 1 minute. This means that not only are short calls expensive but also all calls are rounded up to the nearest penny.
    With 2-digit billing, your call costs would always be rounded up and you will always pay more than the actual rates quoted.
    With 3-digit billing it means what you see is what you pay and that your phone bill is not inflated by short calls of less than a minute plus calls be rounded up to the nearest penny, and delivers a fair and transparent charges for your business calls.
  • Competitively priced rates for calls to mobiles and international destinations, including international mobiles with no compromise on quality, this results in affordable business calls around the world.
    Use Southern Communications to save money on calls to mobile and international destinations. We provide call services to all mobile networks and locations abroad, allowing your business to connect to suppliers and customers across the globe.
    The advantage of 3-digit billing is that you are only billed for the time your business calls are connected.  Other providers, particularly with older telecoms contracts, use 2-digit billing meaning rates that may seem lower very often rounded up plus many also have a minimum call charge
  • Our multi-network service ensures that your calls will connect to any mobile network across the globe. You can make business-quality calls and communicate with any device in any location, at the lowest call rates available.
    When working abroad, we can make sure the cost of your calls to and from your mobile will be kept as low as possible.  Contact our business mobile team and see how much you can save.