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Business Line Rental

Low Cost Line Rentals - Analogue, ISDN and SIP

Southern Communications are responsible for the services and support of in excess of 60,000 business telephone lines in the UK.

As a premier wholesale business line provider we can supply and support Analogue, ISDN and SIP services at the most competitive rates with a reliable and prompt level of service, tailored to your business.

Wholesale Business Line Provider

We provide first class line rental services and this includes the installation of new lines along with the switch of existing numbers as required.  As Tier-1 providers, have wholesale access to telephone exchange lines, rental and associated services.

Save Money on Line Rental Costs

Our business line rental and associated services are bespoke for your business,we offer highly competitive rates when compared to the charges of other line and network providers, with the same reliability and support coupled with support from our own staff 365/24/7.

Optimise Your Phone Line Structure – Free Consultancy

Our team of advisors can analyse your phone bill and identify potentially redundant lines, no longer in use, such as old internet modem and fax lines, allowing savings to be maximised.

We survey your site to build and understanding of the services currently in place and arrange to cease lines no longer required.  We also help you make better use of telephone lines that perhaps do very little for you at present, for example allowing multiple devices to share low-usage lines instead of having dedicated services for each one.

UK-Based Phone Line Services & Support

Our administration and support teams operate from our UK premises, providing prompt response and support services for business lines with direct access to network gateways and phone line network support services.

Fast Response – Stay Connected Longer

Our support team are fully trained and experienced in dealing with telephone line queries and issues. We have direct access to the major network gateways and support interfaces, and we respond to faults, solve issues and despatch engineers faster than other network line providers.

Easy Phone Line Swap Over

Let us do the work. We will complete all necessary administration and ensure a smooth transition from your existing business line provider to us.

Reliable Network – Minimise Phone Line Downtime

When you move your business calls and lines services to Southern Communications, the physical telephone lines, exchanges and equipment will be exactly the same as those in use at present.

Which Line Type?

  • ISDN2 Minimum 2 channels, delivers 2 simultaneous calls
    ISDN30 ISDN 30 Minimum 8 channels, delivers 8 simultaneous calls
    ISDN30 Operates via either copper or fibre where calls are connected instantly with the highest possible call quality.
    ISDN services are provided with disaster recovery options.
    As technology evolves, these services are sadi to be switched off by Openreach from 2025 which is already driving business customes to consider adopting SIP Services
  • Analogue lines These types of lines support business-critical devices such as broadband, security alarms, door phones, faxes/copiers, franking machines, audio conferencing, disability phones and many more.
    When installing an analogue line we recommend a disaster recovery plan for when the unexpected happens
  • SIP Trunking is rapldy taking over from ISDN as the networks move towards Next Generation Services and can dramatically reduce your line rental costs.
    SIP also has a built in flexibility, not seen on ISDN lines, with the ability to quickly and easily re-direct calls on a per DDI basis and quickly increase channel numbers.

Contact us today and start saving on your business telephone line rentals.