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Redirect your calls to always be contactable

Southern Communications Call Divert services provide permanent and temporary call divert options for when your business needs them most.


  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Relocation
  • Marketing and national/international number promotion

Southern communications Inbound Call Services and Disaster Recovery Services enable you to have your calls redirected on a permanent or temporary basis.

When choosing a call divert plan it is important to consider, firstly, if the the divert would be permanent or temporary.

The ease of applying the divert and re-routing the divert to a different destination is also a major consideration for numbers that may need to be pointed to different destinations at different times. Our virtual numbers are the perfect solution for customers looking for this flexibility and can be supplied with national and International dialling codes or as 08/03 numbers.

Virtual numbers are also used for marketing to monitor campaigns, report on responses and provide memorable, low cost of free to call numbers.

ISDN and Analogue lines supplied by Southern Communications can benefit from call redirect services including Remote Call Forwarding, Site Assurance and Southern Communications Business Continuity, designed provide a disaster recovery plan, these services are provided at the network level and enable calls to be directed to a pre-determined number should your normal place of work be inoperable.

Contact our sales team to set up the correct Disaster Recovery and Call Diverts for your business.